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Innovative adventure
A corn maze with virtual effects
Family friendly virtual outdoor game

A Unique Corn Maze with Virtual Effects AR

Imagine a place where the boundaries between real and virtual worlds come together. It is possible using special effects called Augmented Reality.

The experience combines a virtual game in real life with an innovative APP we created that encourages you to be active while having fun playing a game for everyone.

So, step into our world, where the boundaries between reality and the virtual blur, and where active fun meets cutting-edge technology.

➡️ Come to our family friendly corn mazes and prepare to be enchanted by an experience like no other.

Innovative Adventure for Everyone

Stay Active & Have Fun

Get ready to move and stay active with our innovative AR-based game that combines the love of virtual gaming with a sporty lifestyle.

Discover a New Reality

Explore a new world where the reality blends with virtual gaming experience. Take part in a unique AR-enhanced outdoor game with exciting challenges and adventures.

Exciting experiences for Everyone

Whether you are a fitness enthusiast or just looking for a new way to have fun, our game is designed to offer a unique and thrilling experience for players of all ages.

THE UMILAND: A Unique Corn Maze with Virtual Effects AR

To experience the cosmic adventure grab your smart phone, download the APP and you are ready to go!

You can always ask for help and we would be happy to assist.

At Umiland, our 8-acre corn maze is a masterpiece of precision planting. We use cutting-edge techniques to ensure that every twist and turn matches our map flawlessly. Explore our maze for an adventure that’s both thrilling and artistically precise. But that’s not everything! Aliens from the UMI planet crashed in the corn field.

UMI were on a way to the earth for a visit when they suddenly hit asteroids and lost control over the ship.

At the crash site you will be able to see and interact with the visitors using the App to earn achievements by completing various tasks.

We have created a family adventure for everyone that combines the outdoors, smart phones and interactive tasks.

The Umiland experience is an update of the good old fashioned corn maze with a visual overlay from your smart phone that provides extra layers of adventure in a real world space. Bring all ages to experience new levels of augmented reality.

UMILAND is a place for everyone that will be remembered for long time.

For Kids

Let your little ones jump into the wild world of AR gaming with our kid-friendly mode that promises hours of safe and exciting fun.

For Teens

Are you ready for a gaming adventure like no other? Our game is perfect for teens who want to mix virtual excitement with real-life thrills.

For Adults

Step into a whole new world where you can hang out with Umi, the coolest alien around, and take a walk through a massive corn maze. It’s an experience you won’t forget!

For the Family

Looking for a fun and exciting activity for the whole gang? Our game is the perfect choice, with something for everyone, no matter the age. Get ready to explore the labyrinth and create some awesome memories!

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Rules and regulations

Waiver: I hereby acknowledge and agree to the following terms and conditions while visiting and participating in activities at UMILAND. I understand and accept that participation in the corn maze and related activities involves inherent risks, and I voluntarily assume all such risks and dangers.I am aware that the corn maze involves physical activity and may present potential hazards, including uneven terrain, bumps, and other natural elements. I understand that I must adhere to all rules and regulations set forth by UMILAND for my safety and the safety of others. I agree not to engage in running, hiding in the cornfield, smoking, vaping, or consuming alcohol or drugs while on UMILAND property. I will respect the environment and refrain from any acts of vandalism, picking, throwing, or damaging the corn. I will use the trash cans provided to keep the environment clean and dispose of any waste properly. I understand that pets are not allowed in the corn maze area. I acknowledge that there will be no ticket refunds under any circumstances. I understand that UMILAND is not liable for any personal injuries, damages, or loss of personal property sustained during my visit. I recognize that UMILAND is not responsible for any personal injuries, damages, or loss of personal property that may have been sustained by me or any third parties during their visit to UMILAND property.